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About Cassesi

We pride ourselves in being a local New Orleans construction company.

Cassesi's New Orleans roots can be traced back to 1874 when the Cassesi family left Sicily for New Orleans. The family lived in the French Quarter for almost a century and it was in that very same neighborhood that Mike Cassesi began working on historical renovations during his summer break from LSU. Mike went on to learn from the best in New Orleans residential and commercial construction.

After 20+ years in construction, Mike Cassesi founded Cassesi Commercial Construction. Today, Cassesi is quickly becoming a New Orleans commercial construction company to watch, as it continues to set new standards and prioritizes what is most important, putting people before profit.

The success of our customers' project and our team's safety will always be our top priority. We believe that it is more than just a building...


We think of SAFETY in everything we do.




Avetta Certified. Our safety program and commitment to safety is at all levels of operations.

This commitment extends to our quality and compliance performance.

This is part of how we drive successful projects for our clients.

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